Band-Aid ● Star Wars

Band-Aid ● Star Wars

We helped band-aid connect
to fandom like jedi masters

How do you establish credibility with one of the biggest and most-loyal fan bases in the galaxy while also breaking through the clutter of hundreds of partnerships? That was our challenge when Band-Aid® Brand launched Star Wars adhesive bandages.

Families trust Band-Aid® Brand because the bandages, like their kids, are built for play. With anticipation mounting for a new Star Wars trilogy and a whole generation of fans eager to share the excitement with their children, we created a campaign that connected the brand to the fans’ culture in a way that rang true: Play, You Must

From Star Wars Day social content to a 4-day-long thumb wrestling battle at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, we intersected with fan behavior in a way that drove awareness and sales.


Record Sales Year

Band-aid Star Wars bandages became the top-selling bandages in brand history