Adobe ● Make it. Creative Cloud.


We made adobe creative cloud
the key to students' success

Every student dreams of “making it.” But it’s the getting there that’s the hard part.

To raise awareness that Creative Cloud can help students get there, we gave them unique opportunities to kick-start their careers.

Our campaign provides students with a platform to showcase their talents on a global scale – with top creative brands like Girl Skateboards, Fox ADHD, Marvel and Dreamville Records. Most recently, we partnered with Colossal to create the World’s Biggest Student Art show featuring female creatives from around the world, and sent students to document the most beautiful protected landscapes on Earth.

By turning the spotlight on these students with dedicated media dollars, we showed students how Adobe is not just a tool but an essential partner in their success.


145% increase in Creative Cloud signups

Over 126 million impressions

57 countries adopted the story virally

80+ student careers launched…and counting


2015 Cannes shortlist – Make it With Creative Cloud.

Finalist in Video and Facebook campaign categories


OBIE awards – World’s Biggest Student art show.

Winner Business & Technology. Awarded Best in Show across all categories


Webby Awards honoree 2014 – MIWCC

Online film and video documentary series – 2014 honoree


Shorty Awards 2014 – MIWCC campaign.

Finalist in video and Facebook campaign categories