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The Year in Year in Reviews Review 2. Also, Porn.

Did you know reading this* qualifies as “Learning & Development”? Great for a post-holiday-party Friday. Or – Do Not Read Until Monday.   This week in Year in Review Reviews Tragedy struck early Thursday morning as Spotify released its annual Wrapped feature, highlighting users’ top tracks, which continually interrupted this nice throwback Wu-Tang thing I […]

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YouTube shifts strategy & Netflix eyes even more remakes – Do Not Read Until Monday

The End is Nigh: Enjoy the Last First Weekend of the Month of 2018 and Do Not Read Until Monday.   Crossing the Streams: YouTube shrinks back from competition, and Netflix gets into weird-hook-up territory Two streaming video heavies seem to be reorganizing in ways that might, say, accommodate a new big-bad competitor – like […]

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Facebook’s influencer play & YouTube enters music streaming – Do Not Read Until Monday

Go argue with your friends and family whether it’s Yanny or Laurel and Do Not Read Until Monday. Facebook cozies up with influencers in new ploy for ad dollars The week ended with a very interesting discovery on Facebook – it’s currently testing an interface for advertisers to connect with influencers. The tool, should it […]

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