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Snapchat’s Extreme Makeover: Do Not Read Until Monday

While the holidays see many doing some decorating, Snapchat opted for the full makeover read about that and more in Do Not Read Until Monday. This Week in Snapchat Vs. The World: Extreme Makeover Edition Announced simultaneously with a third consecutive disappointing earnings call, Snapchat’s makeover arrived for December. The update divides the ‘social’ element […]

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Users get up to speed with 60-second video on Instagram

Instagram launched video in the Summer of 2013, seemingly in reaction to Twitter-backed upstart Vine, which used 6-second videos as content in its social app. Though some marketers seemed to struggle in activating that channel, MRY saw success with Visa’s #GoInSix campaign and a subsequent Winter Olympics activation. However, nearly three years later, Instagram will […]

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