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A Countdown Till The Trade War Tackles TikTok? – Do Not Read Until Tuesday

An extra day to not-read – can you do it? Do Not Read Until Tuesday. The Huawei things are going, could it be a countdown till the Trade War tackles TikTok? In recent weeks, the Trump Administration, after a prolonged campaign against Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei, effectively blacklisted the company. Just a few days after […]

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What the 🦆 is going on with viral content producers? Also – TikTok grows up

OK, campers, don’t forget your booties, cuz it will be coooold out there this weekend – and Do Not Read Until Monday.   OK what the 🦆 is actually going on with these ‘viral’ content producers? Part 1 If the Apple/Facebook/Google privacy debacle has you thirsting for some more tea, you’re in luck. This week, […]

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