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Childhood in 2014 and Beyond: How Technology and Digital are Impacting ‘Play’

Cell phones. Tablets. iPods. Elementary-aged children spent an average of 7.5 hours a day on entertainment technology in 2010.Nearly one quarter of ‘tweens’ (children ages 12-15) have their own tablet computer. Technology-use during childhood is not a new concept: teens born in the late 80s and early 90s had CD and mp3 players, MySpace, mobile phones, Playstation and Nintendo 64.Even children of the 90’s and 00’s had VTech “laptops,” HitClips, robotic pet dogs, Teddy Ruxpin, and Neopets.

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Augmented Reality is No Match for YouTubed Reality

Is reality more fun when it’s augmented or YouTubed? The latest marketing stunt from Pepsi Max UK makes it clear it’s the latter. The marketer overhauled a London bus shelter to make it seem like UFOs, robots, and tigers were invading the street in this made-for-YouTube campaign that stopped traffic for a few hours.

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Wearable tech: goofy? Sometimes. The future? Probably.

Google just announced Android Wear – a bid to do to wearable tech what Android did to smartphones. Android Wear will essentially act as a Google Now feed to your wearable tech devices. Google Now, for the uninitiated and not nerdy, is a feature threaded throughout the Android smartphone OS that culls your browsing, travel, search, email, maps, and overall internet activity to intelligently inform you of things you might be interested in.

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