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The Month of Living Socially: An Introduction

#NationalDonutDay #NationalEatYourVegetablesDay #NationalGoBarefootDay So many days to observe. So many tags to hash. So many things to … celebrate? National Day Days are part of almost every brand’s content calendar–they’re plentiful, varied, and some even elicit real engagement (for 24 hours, at least). There’s a day (or multiple days) for just about everything. And who […]

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Instagram algorithm marks an end of innocence

Instagram is nearly all grown up. With its announcement March 16 it would be deploying an algorithm to sort content feeds on the platform, it took a big step toward full maturation. And, despite user outcry, it’s not one it’s likely to avoid – or one astute observers did not anticipate. Rather, it’s using strategies […]

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Oh Snap… Ads Rolling Out Soon on Snapchat

The collective sound of weeping teens and millennials could be heard across the internet as Snapchat, the platform that they love so dearly for its disposable media between friends, announced they would soon be implementing ads, making this once personal platform not-so-personal. Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that the newly rolled out ads would likely live within the app’s Story feature. So what will this mean for advertisers in the social space?

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