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TV, Games, News …and a credit card? Apple goes bananas with latest yield

I could have wrote a bunch of a-peeling teasers, but let’s just pro-seed to the core of the newsletter … Do Not Read pUntil Monday.   Oh yeah, Apple did a thing. You’d be forgiven for forgetting Apple had a large press conference this week, making multiple announcements across a number of new business offerings. […]

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Uber, Lyft show divergent strategies; Twitter tackles meddling – Do Not Read Until Monday

Don’t labor over this – or anything. Do Not Read Until Tuesday!   Shower thought: Is Lyft v Uber having a Coke v Pepsi moment? Uber made a lot of noise this week with several disparate announcements: It might be building its own electric scooters. It’s going to deliver food via drones. It’s looking for […]

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Do Not Read Until Monday: August 14

Though this message may bubble up for you Friday, enjoy your afternoon with a nice LaCroix-cktail instead and Do Not Read Until Monday!   Oh Hail No: The latest in “ride-sharing” After waiting for it for some time, a scientific study now shows that ride-sharing/car-sharing/ride-hailing/bootleg-cab services like Uber and Lyft likely lead to fewer car […]

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