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Playing the field of Hispanic marketing

This summer we all experienced the joy, tears, frustration and madness of the World Cup. The World Cup provided an excellent playing field (pun intended) for brands who didn’t have an established or active part in marketing to the Hispanic population. As a member of the Listerine social media team for the World Cup, I was able to actively participate in our interactions with this often-forgotten demographic with real-time engagement.

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Hey [Insert Brand Name], Is that You?

It seems like everywhere you look, advertisers are being blasted with messages about the Hispanic consumer and their inevitable reign of the American market. Not only are Hispanics going to be more than 50% of the population in a few years, but they also are more engaged consumers! More brand loyal! And according to an ad from Univision that keeps popping up on my Facebook, twice as likely to share a Facebook post! Should advertisers use digital’s targeting power to create a completely new message for every type of consumer?

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