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Silicon Valley’s making money, sure, but couldn’t it be making *MORE* money? – Do Not Read Until Monday

Avoid making your weekend like these earnings calls – a mixed bag – and Do Not Read Until Monday.   Silicon Valley Disappoints Yet Again (but for, like, making money) And this time it’s not for turning us into like-hunting husks of humanity, it’s not even for a massive sexual misconduct cover-up, fostering a ‘demoralizing’ […]

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Google makes things and oh hey Facebook does too – Do Not Read Until Monday

The post-5PM-Friday industry newsletter it’s not only totally fine but encouraged to ignore – Do Not Read Until Monday.   Hey guys Google makes stuff too remember In case you forgot, Google does not just tell you the definitions of words you want to use in a strongly-worded email or feeding your hypochondria (what, just […]

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Snapchat’s Extreme Makeover: Do Not Read Until Monday

While the holidays see many doing some decorating, Snapchat opted for the full makeover read about that and more in Do Not Read Until Monday. This Week in Snapchat Vs. The World: Extreme Makeover Edition Announced simultaneously with a third consecutive disappointing earnings call, Snapchat’s makeover arrived for December. The update divides the ‘social’ element […]

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