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Long awaited Mueller report delivers unequivocal condemnation of … social media

Do Not Read Until Monday… Why not tumble down the wormhole of Japan’s glorious array of mascots instead? This one is Yukimaru. Mueller time: Long awaited report delivers unequivocal condemnation of … social media After two years’ investigation, and a previously released summary that only served as an aperitif, Robert Mueller’s full (ish) assessment of […]

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Week 1 of New Instagram; And Other Fake News – Do Not Read Until Monday

Enjoying your weekend is everyone’s responsibility. Do Not Read Until Monday.   OK, I guess we have to talk about Instagram again OK, so I mayyyy have implied Instagram was doomed last week, but I didn’t think we’d start to see signs within days. With most of the swirling rumors suggesting outgoing leaders resented Facebook’s […]

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Facebook, Twitter learn important lessons about growing up in very special DNRUM

Well, let’s calm down here – it’s not that special. You still Do Not Read Until Monday.   Fake News Fight Strikes Profits for Facebook, Twitter As quarterly results roll in across the tech landscape, we’re generally treated to the same winners and losers. Amazon and Google routinely kill it, Twitter’s usually a toss-up and […]

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