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Snapchat Almost Has a Moment and Facebook … 🤦‍♂️

Not time for stuffing yourself and fighting with your political meme-sharing relatives yet – Do Not Read Until Monday.   Snapchat Almost Had A Moment, There At the beginning of the week, it looked like Snapchat might dominate the news cycle with some moves made at the perpetually beleaguered company. Like, did you know that […]

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Heavy Meddling Continues on Facebook – Do Not Read Until Monday

In the ever-changing agency world, there’s one thing that stays the same: Do Not Read Until Monday.   Heavy meddle: More misinformation campaigns muted on Facebook This week Facebook announced it had identified another orchestrated misinformation campaign, removing 652 pages, accounts and groups. This time, though, the actors were traced not only to Russia, but […]

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