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Yet again, a new Facebook timeline has been released to the wild. If you haven’t acquired the newest timeline yourself, you’ve probably heard mention of it, though it seems the mob has overcome its urge to cause a fuss with every version that comes out. There has, however, been a good amount of backlash amongst the design community following a blog post by Dustin Curtis, which was then highlighted on The Fox is Black. The biggest point of contention discussed in both articles is how Facebook made design decisions with the intention to increase revenue… gasp!

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Augmented Reality is No Match for YouTubed Reality

Is reality more fun when it’s augmented or YouTubed? The latest marketing stunt from Pepsi Max UK makes it clear it’s the latter. The marketer overhauled a London bus shelter to make it seem like UFOs, robots, and tigers were invading the street in this made-for-YouTube campaign that stopped traffic for a few hours.

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