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Silicon Valley’s making money, sure, but couldn’t it be making *MORE* money? – Do Not Read Until Monday

Avoid making your weekend like these earnings calls – a mixed bag – and Do Not Read Until Monday.   Silicon Valley Disappoints Yet Again (but for, like, making money) And this time it’s not for turning us into like-hunting husks of humanity, it’s not even for a massive sexual misconduct cover-up, fostering a ‘demoralizing’ […]

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AR Wars: A New Hope for Snapchat – Do Not Read Until … 2018

Well, maybe try to squeeze it in some time before then.   AR Wars: A New Hope For Snapchat? Augmented Reality has been the talk of tech town for a while, but as Miami-Dade Detective Marcus Burnett might say: That’s because two major platforms – first Facebook and Snapchat shortly after – opened up their […]

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Snapchat’s ARt & Instagram ecommerce: Do Not Read Until Monday

And if you have Monday off, Do Not Read Until Tuesday! This Week in Snapchat vs. the World: Guest-Starring Jeff Koons as Chief Creative Officer Headlines early this week spelled out uncertainties around Snap – particularly as eMarketer decreased its ad revenue forecast for 2017. But while that’s somewhat disconcerting, the projections show Snap growing […]

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