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Not a VSCO Girl, Not Yet a Woman: Why Today’s Teen Girls Give Me Hope

Welcome to the world, VSCO girls. The same teen-style-trend to social-media-ubiquity to Twitter-parody cycle that gave us Tumblr girls and Tiktok girls has birthed the VSCO girl. This teen girl sports oversized t-shirts, wrist scrunchies and natural makeup. In her hand: a heavily stickered, eco-chic Hydro Flask water bottle; on her feet: Birkenstocks, Tevas, or […]

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Do Not [Spoiler] Until [Spoiler]: A Twitter of Ice & Fire

Warning: This post contains spoilers and plot points from neither Avengers: Endgame or Game of Thrones, but why not just Do Not Read Until Monday? A Week of Ice and Fire for Twitter Hordes of the mindless undead, political intrigue, lingering threats of death, unlikely meetings of powerful leaders – just another week on Game […]

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