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What the 🦆 is going on with viral content producers? Also – TikTok grows up

OK, campers, don’t forget your booties, cuz it will be coooold out there this weekend – and Do Not Read Until Monday.   OK what the 🦆 is actually going on with these ‘viral’ content producers? Part 1 If the Apple/Facebook/Google privacy debacle has you thirsting for some more tea, you’re in luck. This week, […]

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Influencer pity, the 10-year challenge, and a dang ol’ egg

Enjoy your eggstra long weekend and Do Not Read Until Tuesday.   At what point is it OK to feel bad for influencers? One of the most interesting stories of the week, for social media marketers and fans of watching a dumpster fire in near real time, was the strange case of Caroline Calloway. She, […]

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Can we talk about influencer marketing measurement?

Brands must continue to find ways to be relevant in today’s world if they are going to break through the litany of messages confronting consumers and interrupting nearly every moment of their waking day. Today’s hottest method is influencer marketing. Vendors have been quick to connect brands with influencers, but not as quick in providing […]

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