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Facebook’s Temporary Profile Status And Twitter’s Video Website Cards: Do Not Read Until Monday

Go ahead, pat yourselves on the back for those well-executed Hallowmeme costumes, kick your feet up, and definitely Do Not Read Until Monday. Twitter Did Something Cool This Week, You Guys! We’ve been known to lob a complaint or two at Twitter for their seemingly ill-advised new products and features, but none gets our goat […]

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Snapchat Context Cards & Oculus Go: Do Not Read Until Monday

Spend your weekend dreaming up your best Hallow-meme costume, and Do Not Read Until Monday. Oculus Emerged: Zuckerberg Debuts New Devices Following a quickly derided virtual reality tour to raise awareness about Facebook’s Spaces Puerto Rico, Facebook CEO and Oculus owner Mark Zuckerberg helped usher in the latter company’s new VR devices. Most importantly, the […]

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