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The Month of Living Socially: An Introduction

#NationalDonutDay #NationalEatYourVegetablesDay #NationalGoBarefootDay So many days to observe. So many tags to hash. So many things to … celebrate? National Day Days are part of almost every brand’s content calendar–they’re plentiful, varied, and some even elicit real engagement (for 24 hours, at least). There’s a day (or multiple days) for just about everything. And who […]

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Can we talk about influencer marketing measurement?

Brands must continue to find ways to be relevant in today’s world if they are going to break through the litany of messages confronting consumers and interrupting nearly every moment of their waking day. Today’s hottest method is influencer marketing. Vendors have been quick to connect brands with influencers, but not as quick in providing […]

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A more transparent Facebook

Just two months ago, Facebook announced a reporting inaccuracy, disclosing the company had been overstating video view length. After creating a task force to dive deeper, it revealed last week that inaccuracies beyond video views include organic reach, time spent, referrals, and more. In review: Facebook over-­reported the number of people reached by organic posts. […]

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