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AR Wars: A New Hope for Snapchat – Do Not Read Until … 2018

Well, maybe try to squeeze it in some time before then.   AR Wars: A New Hope For Snapchat? Augmented Reality has been the talk of tech town for a while, but as Miami-Dade Detective Marcus Burnett might say: That’s because two major platforms – first Facebook and Snapchat shortly after – opened up their […]

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Do Not Read Until Monday: August 28

Enjoy your weekend, then come back to read some news recaps humans love – Do Not Read Until Monday!   This Week In Snapchat Vs. The World: The Numbers Speak For Themselves This week, Snap received some good omens for its future thanks to two research and data companies. First, eMarketer reported that Snapchat’s outpacing […]

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Do Not Read Until Monday – August 21

Gripped with eclipse fever? Check out Sarah Schneebaum’s blog post to see how it’s shaping conversation on digital. And then check back here for the week’s happenings on Monday.   Ecommerce Wars: Brick-and-Mortar Strike Back! The past week saw a couple big players encroach on Amazon while it concentrates on its offerings in video, enterprise […]

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