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What the 🦆 is going on with viral content producers? Also – TikTok grows up

OK, campers, don’t forget your booties, cuz it will be coooold out there this weekend – and Do Not Read Until Monday.   OK what the 🦆 is actually going on with these ‘viral’ content producers? Part 1 If the Apple/Facebook/Google privacy debacle has you thirsting for some more tea, you’re in luck. This week, […]

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Facebook flaunts new features for the 4th + more – Do Not Read Until Monday

Hopefully your ears will not still be ringing by then – Do Not Read Until Monday.   A fine week for feature-building around Facebook Facebook and Instagram has been relentless lately with feature additions, and even having a national holiday smack in the middle of the week wasn’t enough to deter the debut and testing […]

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Do Not Read Until Monday: Spectacles 2.0 and a Profitable Twitter

Hey! Go see Infinity War and Do Not Read Until Monday. Seriously, it’s good!   Snap laughs in face of profitability, launches Spectacles 2.0 Plus announces new AR and ad features After a spectacular failure with V1, Snap’s rolling the dice again with a second edition of Spectacles. The augmented reality eyewear released to much […]

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