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Building Your Personal Brand in YouthNation

Whether you are trying to influence a potential employer, a college admissions officer, or an editor from a key industry publication, your ability to build and strengthen your “personal brand” is the surest way to get noticed. The truth is we all shop like mom does at Wal-Mart: we buy the brands we know. Just like we will always trust throwing Tide or Diet Coke into the shopping cart, we will always trust hiring someone we have heard of – a familiar name or face that feels safe, trustworthy, and like a “known entity.”

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Brand Wins & Fails with #TheDress #BlackAndBlue #WhiteAndGold

It’s 2015, which means social media managers and brand marketers are sitting on Twitter feverishly monitoring trending topics for a chance to inset their brand ASAP. I still can’t even believe this happened on the Internet, but here you go. Here’s the brand version. Who do you think did it well? Who didn’t? Decide for yourself.

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