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A more transparent Facebook

Just two months ago, Facebook announced a reporting inaccuracy, disclosing the company had been overstating video view length. After creating a task force to dive deeper, it revealed last week that inaccuracies beyond video views include organic reach, time spent, referrals, and more. In review: Facebook over-­reported the number of people reached by organic posts. […]

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Snapchat’s ad update will get wallets open, but still has some way to go

The social sphere got a good shake yesterday as Snapchat, tipped as digital’s Next Big Thing for the past couple years, announced expansive new ad capabilities. And while its updates should help stock its coffers, there’s still some questions surrounding the platform that could keep marketers hesitant. First, though: OMG ADS ON SNAPCHAT YOU GUYS […]

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Facebook’s Messenger moves show need to shift service to social

Facebook has made some interesting moves with Messenger in recent months, ones that further show its intention to build it into an essential tool for businesses. By doing so, it’s ushering in a new era of social-led customer service. Shortly after announcing a new milestone in Messenger’s monthly active users – a none-too-shabby 900 million, […]

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