Author: Steven Cuartas Cano

Wearables and Tech at SXSW

The technology within cameras has improved dramatically in the last 3-5 years. Today, photographers are able to capture content that wasn’t event imaginable a few years ago. With the innovation of the camera and the advancements in technology and mobile applications, marketers and brands are now able to improve how they tell stories through photographs.

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What my first #SXSWi looks like

Later today, I will land in the beautiful city of Austin, TX. Not only to attend the many seminars and panels, but also to capture the experience that is #SXSWi. Since it’s my first time at #SXSWi, I’ve prepared by creating a list of seminars/parties to check out, cleared all of my memory-cards, charged extra camera batteries, rewarded myself with a new camera lens and bought some summer clothing (it’s freezing in New York City).

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