Author: Jason Whiting

Who is the New Consumer?

Answer: It’s not just Millennials! It’s my 11-year-old daughter. It’s also my 91-year-old mother – who just happens to have some of the strongest emoji game around. In short, the new consumer is anyone with a device. And they’re looking for experiences that make their life better, more fun, and easier to navigate. Over the […]

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CNN Buys Beme, Expands Relevancy

This week, CNN purchased Beme, YouTube star Casey Neistat’s social app. The technology is less important than the man, his 6 million viewers, and what he represents. Neistat’s story – from high school dropout to self-made video darling – is the American Dream reimagined for a social media-driven world. If the mainstream media behemoth plans […]

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