Author: Jason Morton

Facebook’s influencer play & YouTube enters music streaming – Do Not Read Until Monday

Go argue with your friends and family whether it’s Yanny or Laurel and Do Not Read Until Monday. Facebook cozies up with influencers in new ploy for ad dollars The week ended with a very interesting discovery on Facebook – it’s currently testing an interface for advertisers to connect with influencers. The tool, should it […]

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Do Not Read Until Monday: Spectacles 2.0 and a Profitable Twitter

Hey! Go see Infinity War and Do Not Read Until Monday. Seriously, it’s good!   Snap laughs in face of profitability, launches Spectacles 2.0 Plus announces new AR and ad features After a spectacular failure with V1, Snap’s rolling the dice again with a second edition of Spectacles. The augmented reality eyewear released to much […]

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MSG ups creep factor, YouTube outsources the truth – DNRUM

Have a few scoops o’ Guinness on the session, all the craic, and Do Not Read Until Monday!   Super creepy MSG has been using facial recognition for security and marketing Especially relevant for those in New York, and/or Phish Phans*, the New York Times reported that Madison Square Garden has been using facial recognition […]

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