Author: Jason Morton

Facebook Ends Clone Wars; Twitter De-Verifies: Do Not Read Until Monday

We guarantee if you do, you will see the world from a whole new vantage point – Do Not Read Until Monday. Facebook’s Clone Wars May Have Ended, But Is There A New Hope? In a very non-shock move, Facebook this week merged its Messenger Day and Facebook Stories features. They were the worst performers […]

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Facebook Ru(i)ns Everything. And… QR Codes? – Do Not Read Until Monday

Do Not Read Until Monday – hey, Stranger Things have happened.   Facebook won’t rest till it ru(i)ns everything This week, Wired ran a great piece about how Facebook’s behavior in business will basically prevent there ever being another Facebook. While it’s not necessarily true, it ran in a week where Facebook beefed up its […]

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Snapchat Context Cards & Oculus Go: Do Not Read Until Monday

Spend your weekend dreaming up your best Hallow-meme costume, and Do Not Read Until Monday. Oculus Emerged: Zuckerberg Debuts New Devices Following a quickly derided virtual reality tour to raise awareness about Facebook’s Spaces Puerto Rico, Facebook CEO and Oculus owner Mark Zuckerberg helped usher in the latter company’s new VR devices. Most importantly, the […]

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