Author: Jessie Miño

Major Facebook announcements show shift to VR, consumer electronics

With virtual reality as the theme on everyone’s mind and in development over the past year, it’s no surprise that at Facebook’s annual F8 Conference for developers, creating an immersive experience and having Facebook at the center of it all, was the highlight of its conversation. “Virtual Reality is the most social platform because you […]

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“Voces de Social” Panel: Engaging the Hispanic Community

This week, Community Managers across all industries joined forces to celebrate CMAD – Community Manager Appreciation Day. What is CMAD? Glad you asked, that question was answered here by one of our very own Community Managers at MRY. As part of this industry-wide celebration, MRY organized and hosted a panel comprised of leading social media influencers and experts that have been successful at targeting the Hispanic audience.

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Playing the field of Hispanic marketing

This summer we all experienced the joy, tears, frustration and madness of the World Cup. The World Cup provided an excellent playing field (pun intended) for brands who didn’t have an established or active part in marketing to the Hispanic population. As a member of the Listerine social media team for the World Cup, I was able to actively participate in our interactions with this often-forgotten demographic with real-time engagement.

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