We compel people to act. To do. To watch. To buy. To fall in love with your brand.

We are a dynamic creative agency that unlocks cultural relevance to create ideas that uniquely captivate and compel.


Our ideas are designed to be channel-proof, so that they are not bound by media but come to life with contextual reference.


We go deeper than demographics to truly understand the cultural and behavioral truths of the humans you want to connect with.


We work with devotion to create content and experiences humans are more likely to care about and engage with.

Part of Publicis Groupe, MRY is headquartered in New York and works with some of the world’s leading brands. We offer a full spectrum of services to make sure our big ideas meet all the needs of our clients.


Consumer Research • Behavior Science • Data Science • Advanced Analysis • ROI + Attribution Modeling • Decision Science

Brand Planning • Brand Development • Creative Strategy • Social Strategy • Media Strategy

Channel-Proof Campaigns • Microcontent • IRL Engagement • Real-Time Content • Production

Connections Planning • Innovation • Community Management • Cultural Trend Forecasting

Connection Drives Us

See how our clients have benefited from Ideas Humans Love.