What the Zuck?

Leaked audio puts Facebook CEO under scrutiny


What the Zuck?

This week we focus on a major global figure, perpetually at the center of controversy, who found himself exposed by leaked information about questionable remarks made in a sensitive discussion.

No, not the orange one.

In the case of Mark Zuckerberg, dude had TWO SOLID HOURS of audio released. Most of which was the sort of chest-puffing customary in tech and advertising; customary, intended to boost morale, but never meant for the ears of the public.

So comments suggesting he’d ‘go to the mat and fight’ politicians like Elizabeth Warren (super weird mental image) and that reports on content moderators were a bit dramatic did not go over particularly well. Warren in particular doubled down on her threat to break up Facebook, alongside Google and Amazon.

Further in his talk, Zuckerberg railed against this idea, saying that Facebook’s scale allowed it to be a better steward of misinformation. Despite it, uh, not sharing the information that it said it would, and deftly avoiding fact-checking political ads.

On the mat, I think that’d be called a reversal…

Elsewhere, the agenda shifted to Libra, Facebook’s kinda-cryptocurrency, whose backers have started backing away, and TikTok.

Yes, sigh, we will be getting a Facebook branded clone at some point, provided Lasso passes in Mexico

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