Is there an Echo in here?

Alexa, set a reminder to Do Not Read Until Monday.

Is there an Echo in here?

Amazon primed to expand hardware sales with strong voice assistance

Alexa has done some heavy lifting for Amazon, taking what was once a niche technology to near ubiquity. Now, Amazon’s looking to push the voice assistant further with a whole new array of connected devices. Here’s what we’re looking at at at:

  • Echo Show. A whole new edition!
  • Echo Dot. It’s now got a clock!
  • Echo Glow. It’s a nightlight!
  • Echo Earbuds. They’re exactly what you think they are!
  • Echo Studio. The HomePod but with a real voice assistant!
  • Echo Loop. Alexa puts a ring on it!
  • Echo Sole. Now you talk to your shoes!
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OK, I made that last one up. One of the most interesting new Alexa-enabled devices is Amazon’s foray into glasses territory, Echo Frames. They include microphones to enable the voice assistant, though they do not seem to have AR capabilities. Should they see uptake by customers, certainly teams will be toiling away at this functionality. 

With all these new devices, Amazon sought to make smart home setup simpler with “Certified for Humans” connectivity. It also wants to keep farther-flung devices connected via Amazon Sidewalk, a WiFi signal booster.

Elsewhere, Alexa’s coming to GM vehicles for 2020 and can detect objects.

Yes, there is: Facebook teases new Oculus gear, AR initiatives

Though it’s no longer Facebook’s only hardware division, Oculus provides Facebook’s tech nerd-muscle, and this week unveiled two new prototypes

At the same time, the company announced an initiative to map … well, reality itself. This would be in order for its gestating AR glasses to better navigate … um, real reality. 

Then, at the same time as that, it’s also creating an expansive VR space called Horizon. This virtual reality environment would allow users to play games and hang out in … fake reality? I’m so confused.

Facebook will also soon be able to read brainwaves. Cool.

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