Streaming Nostalgia Fest & A Flood of Facebook Updates

Assuming we all survive what results from storming Area 51 … Do Not Read Until Monday.

Nostalgia Fest Fuels Streaming News

Big streaming flashed some big cash in a week filled with nostalgia. Netflix nabbed Seinfeld from 2021 for what some estimate is upwards of $500 million, while Big Bang Theory went to HBO Max for over a billion dollars. Which… come on. 

Netflix needed to score a legacy show for sure, as NBCUniversal’s as-yet-unnamed streaming service laid claim to The Office and Parks and Rec

Wait, what? 

It’s called “The Peacock” now?

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Meanwhile, Apple TV+ is apparently remaking GhostwriterHBO Max signed up for two seasons of The Boondocks and hey I know it’s not TV but THE FAR SIDE IS BACK?

Now, the most *interesting* streaming news of the week? Netflix will reportedly offer bonuses to creators based on how their shows or films perform.

Fast and Furious Facebook Updates

Facebook had a pretty relentless schedule this week, update-wise. First, it debuted a ‘Rehearsal’ mode for Facebook Live, along with native Instagram feed post and IGTV scheduling. Seems like a win, but officially completes IG’s shift from ‘cool app acquired by Facebook’ to ‘Facebook, Jr.’

Then, like – hey why not? – here’s a new Portal, plus another one you can put on your TV. Details also emerged of its AR glasses partnership with Luxottica and its Ray-Ban subsidiary. The combination of those leading to one natural conclusion.

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Prove to me Mark Zuckerberg isn’t the Riddler.

Especially considering Facebook has resumed human review of voice commands given to the devices.

Back on the promotional side of things, Facebook will now allow advertisers to promote interactive ads, e.g. those with augmented reality, games and polls. Personally, I can’t wait to see what the Russians come up with.

Over on Facebook, Jr. – I mean – Instagram, the company will restrict audiences for weight loss, dieting and cosmetic surgery content.

Odds + The End

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Like this but in Python or something.


Yeah, like this week’s newsletter wasn’t going to be about Apple


Is there an Echo in here?