Turn and Face the Strange Ch-Ch-Changes

…and Do Not Read Until Monday.

We already know that social media is changing all. The. time. Our jobs depend on knowing these changes, no matter how minor. These past two weeks have been a little more major starting with the Zuckerberg Zone. 

No more likes

After Instagram decided to test removing likes from posts in countries outside the US, a developer called out Facebook for testing the same thing, which I’m pretty sure they only confirmed because they were peer pressured into it. The idea is to encourage people to post more freely, without the pressure of Internet Points. While that may be great for your, my, and the teens’ mental health, influencers are worried about how it might affect their bottom line and #sponcon. Might we suggest starting with not photoshopping the same clouds into every post? Even YouTube is considering phasing out subscriber numbers, or at least making them a little less exact. Taking the pressure off accumulating sooo many likes and sooo many subscribers might bring us back to the aughts of social media, when we genuinely posted whatever we wanted to post. Or it will make people care less about their interactions? 

But more close friends

“Close Friends” are also driving the shift to more genuine social media. Allowing only a certain group of people to view your content feels exclusive (and, ahem, private) and takes the pressure off of posting something picture-perfect for all the people that follow your very public profile. Seeing that little green circle around someone’s Insta story feels special, especially when you’re surprised to find yourself on ~The List~. Obviously, the Zuckerverse is capitalizing on all the things you love, rolling out a new app called Threads to widen the Close Friends experience and make you download yet another app within the walled garden. 

All this is to say that social media is going through ch-ch-ch- changes to feel a bit more human, more connected, and less like a broadcast service for your Personal Brand™️. Sometimes things get a little too human, and the recommendations are a little too good. Now, Zuckerberg helps more humans connect by letting humans date each other via Facebook. Social media has been under fire for a long time, from privacy and data to keeping kids safe to the eternal argument about whether or not the teens are alright. These changes are trying to douse that fire, or at least turn down the heat. Whatever happens to our personal posts, we’ll always have other people’s viral fame and memes to lean on.

The Odds + The End

Oh… right. It’s also pumpkin spice szn even though it’s still 90 degrees.


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