In Which Multiverse Reality are We All Wearing Snap Spectacles?

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In which multiverse reality are we all wearing Snap Spectacles?

By many measures, we already live in an AR world. Unless I’ve really been swiping left on IRL human-canine hybrids on Tinder, in which case – woah.

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More seriously, augmented reality is permeating – albeit a bit more slowly than the hype of years past might have suggested –various facets of digitally-enabled real life. Take, for instance, the latest Google Maps feature, which helps pedestrians navigate with a gigantic arrow to prevent them from getting lost. It’s no fox but – maybe one day. 

This (ahem, non-augmented) reality is why, this week, Snapchat unveiled its THIRD iteration of Spectacles. I’m not even kidding. 

Yes, following the monolith-vending-machine-and-manufactured-scarcity hype and thousands-of-unsold-in-Chinese-warehouses reality of Mark I, and the relative ‘meh’ of Mark II, ol’ Snap is back for more punishment … or is it?

Maybe the biggest new feature is being able to capture 3D imagery and the glasses use that technology for new camera effects. The effects add to its prowess in AR, which involves a money-making open creative platform to which even Instagram is just now catching up.

However, for Snap, gone is the hubris of making like a quarter-million of the damn things and betting the farm on it. These Spectacles are ‘limited release’, creating the impression that Snap’s biding its time – and upping its game – until AR wearables become a commonplace item. At which point, it could have a hit product, or at least compete with Apple.

Meanwhile, Vee Are took a slight hit this week with the departure of Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchell from the Facebook mothership. But you could soon be diving into virtual realms on the way to London soooo….

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