Month: August 2019

In Which Multiverse Reality are We All Wearing Snap Spectacles?

Save this to enjoy with your 10 AM orange-strawberry-Mr. Pibb freestyle and Do Not Read Until Monday. In which multiverse reality are we all wearing Snap Spectacles? By many measures, we already live in an AR world. Unless I’ve really been swiping left on IRL human-canine hybrids on Tinder, in which case – woah. More seriously, augmented […]

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Is No News Good News for Facebook?

No news is definitely good news till after the weekend – Do Not Read Until Monday. Facebook News: Another Possibly Good Idea Marred By Bad Timing Facebook – which, between its subsidiaries Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook OG, is one of the biggest repositories of misinformation – looks set to make major moves in establishing itself […]

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Happy Birthday, TikTok, Now It’s Time to Grow Up and Take Over the World

Raise a glass to the birthday app and Do Not Read Until Monday. Happy Birthday, TikTok, now it’s time to grow up and take over the world Would you believe TikTok is only one year old? While technically not true, August 2 does happen to be the anniversary of the convergence of and Douyin, which resulted in the current incarnation […]

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