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The Week All Our Faces Were Stolen

What do you do if you really want to see what you may look like in 30 years, provided you age pretty immaculately, but also don’t want to have your face and likeness archived by a Russian developer who could then, say, use it to DeepFake you?

Well, that’s the Ethics 101 question we confronted this week.

On the face (sorry, had to) of it, the #AgeChallengebrought nothing new to social media – we can look old, young, like cats, aliens … literally whatever floats through the mind of a Snapchat or Instagram developer. And FaceApp is 100% not new, so most of the pearl-clutching over privacy probably came from people who gave their data away years ago to make Donald Trump smile, change Evan Spiegel to Natalie Portmanand anything to do with the company’s ‘race filters.’

Well, now we’re in a slightly more privacy-conscious age, and #AgeChallenge trends. People still complete the challenge. Others say the developer (from Russia!) is storing your face. Still others say privacy concerns are overblown… 

Rather than say who’s right on this, it’s more interesting to observe as a study of what features we trade-off for privacy. Like, Facebook, Google, etc., have sooo much data on users, and have leaked it like a million times. They can show you as an older person, let you cosplay as a Boomer, insert Childish Gambino to your selfie, book your flights, schedule service appointments, etc., etc. 

Very useful.

Backlash toward FaceApp seemed equal if not exceeding that in the wake of some of the privacy scandals of Facebook. 

Maybe because it’s just a silly app that makes you look older.

Facebook Catches Congressional Heat Over Libra Currency

Congress held hearingsover Facebook’s Libra currency this week, with one member saying outright Facebook should kill the project. The company framed it in terms of American tech innovation, saying if we don’t, China will.

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