Congratulations, we broke the Internet – Do Not Read Until Monday

Enjoy life outside the pothole-ridden information superhighway and Do Not Read Until Monday.

OK, looks like we literally broke the internet

If it seems like every major online platform has suffered an outage recently, it’s probably because … most every major online platform has suffered an outage recently.

Ahead of July 4, Facebook and Instagram both had partial outages, mainly affecting images. While that particular outage revealed much about how the company’s AI identifies subjects and objects in the content we provide it, it took away a prime reason we use the platforms.

tell us more about cat pls

Roughly 17,760 explosions in the sky later, Twitter also took a tumble, with services out for several hours. Reddit went down earlier the same day, though more trolling-inclined Redditors might note was still functioning.

It’s becoming a regular occurrence, as Facebook properties have beendownmultiple timesthis year. A June Google outage meant YouTube and Snapchat went down as well. Thankfully, Google+ did not live to see that grim day.

So what’s causing these, aside from the ascribed “system error” or whatever excuse gets handed down? Perhaps it’s malicious hackers meddling in prime platforms for information sharing. Maybe it’s the dissolution of net neutrality. Or maybe we just finally broke the Internet.

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