[▓▓▓▓] It: Platforms Take Action To Censor Questionable Content

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[▓▓▓▓] It: Platforms Taking Action To Censor Questionable Content

As we push into what will undoubtedly be an 16-month [▓▓▓▓] show leading up to November 2020, social platforms are pushing harder into countering the misinformation and hate speech online.

They have an unenviable task, admittedly, as each move will certainly be called too much and not enough, just by separate swathes of the online populace.  The week started with Ravelry, a social network centered on knitting, banning support of [▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] Donald Trump on its platform. Naturally, criticism followed, but was limited given the relatively small niche it serves.

To really rattle some cages, you’d have to do something bigger. Like quarantine r/The_[▓▓▓▓▓▓▓] on Reddit. While not a full ban, the forum serving as tribute to Donald Trump can no longer generate revenue, will not appear in searches, etc. Reddit said this was due to threats and encouragement of violence, as well moderation of the platform. Naturally, users and sympathizers lost their [▓▓▓▓].

Rounding out the week, Twitterannounced it would be implementing a new policyfor messages from major political figures that break the site’s policies for harassment and abuse. The tweets will be prefaced by an overlay stating the rule violation and requiring the user to opt-in to view. 

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Naturally, the merits of these moves will continue to be debated – and time will only tell if they’re even effective. 

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