A Countdown Till The Trade War Tackles TikTok? – Do Not Read Until Tuesday

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The Huawei things are going, could it be a countdown till the Trade War tackles TikTok?

In recent weeks, the Trump Administration, after a prolonged campaign against Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei, effectively blacklisted the company. Just a few days after the ink on the executive order dried, Google revoked Huawei’s Android license, leaving it reliant on the open-source version of Android.

The blowback doesn’t end there, however, as Intel and Qualcomm have also ceased working with Huawei.

The company’s woes don’t end at the U.S. border either, as chipmaker ARM, based in the UK, also announced it would cease trade.

Meanwhile, another Chinese company, ByteDance, made a number of more positive announcements this week. It, the owner of social phenomenon TikTok, has launched a new chat app. It may also square off with Spotify and Apple Music in the music streaming market.

Those apps aren’t necessarily targeted to the U.S. Market, but as the company gains prestige, it may fall under the ire of the government.

The Huawei ban has a two-fold affect: Shutting off alleged security and privacy issues linked to a foreign company and government, and diverting business to U.S. companies, or those more friendly to U.S. interests.

As TikTok gains more users – and by so, more user data – the government could build a case against what is currently the hottest social media platform. Currently, Snapchat’s lost its next-big-thing appeal, and Instagram’s having trouble cracking that TikTok je ne sais quoi. (It did bring horizontal videos to IGTV though.) Cutting TikTok off, or forcing a sale could change the market considerably.

Sound crazy? They’re already doing it with Grindr.

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