Do Not [Spoiler] Until [Spoiler]: A Twitter of Ice & Fire

Warning: This post contains spoilers and plot points from neither Avengers: Endgame or Game of Thrones, but why not just Do Not Read Until Monday?

A Week of Ice and Fire for Twitter

Hordes of the mindless undead, political intrigue, lingering threats of death, unlikely meetings of powerful leaders – just another week on Game Of Thrones  Twitter. Two key items defined the hot-and-cold week for the social network: Q1 results and @Jack’s meeting with Donald Trump.

The former looked pretty good – monthly active users rose by nine million, and its year-over-year operating income rose over three-fold to $191 million. Twitter attributed its improved fortunes to working on platform health, including removing fake accounts and better policing toxic content.

Hilariously (or appropriately) enough, the very same day of the earnings report, Twitter executives met with one of the biggest drivers of toxic dialog on the platform – the U.S. Chief Executive. Trump has accused the platform of bias, and allegedly complained in the meeting about lost followers, but called the meeting “great”. But, since it was a closed-door meeting, who really knows.

But, while pleasing investors and temporarily assuaged a very vocal critic, the rest of the week revealed how much further Twitter has to go.

A new investigation revealed the bots were back in town for Mueller Time and it’s trying to get in front of voting misinformation. It also continually catches heat for suspending, not suspending, or suspending and then unsuspending users.

Hey, it can’t all be Patton Oswalt dunking on ratio’d Senators.

However, if you find yourself depressed after going through all the tweets about your favorite heroes perishing and realizing the remaining conversation on Twitter is a constantly-degenerating hellfeed, take solace that it, at the very least, does not reflect America.

For better or worse, that’s anyone’s guess.

Odds + The Endgame

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