We Are All Subscribing to this New Disney Thing – Do Not Read Until Monday+

SPOILER ALERT: Mickey takes the Iron Throne. Do Not Read Until Monday.

Let’s Face It: We Are All Subscribing To Disney+

After months of anticipation, followed by about 4.7 seconds of internal debate, it has been decided: We’re all subscribing to Disney+.

The media behemoth otherwise known as the House of Mouse – though it’s also the House of Skywalker, Marvel, Pixar, and more – has not been quiet about its intentions, but we spent the past months of rumors pretending we would need more information to decide if another streaming service would be worth it.

Then, Disney completed its deal for 20th-Century Fox, wresting control from an aging plutocrat and acquiring X-Men, Fantastic Four (thank God), Alien, Avatar, The Simpsons… yippee-kai-yayying Die Hard even.

So here’s how much will debit from your account each month: $7. Seven. Frickin. Dollars. And what will that significantly-cheaper-than-all-direct-competitors price point get you?

Ten original films in the first 12 months, plus 25 series. Falcon and Winter Soldier? Check. Scarlet Witch and Vision? Yep. A series focused on Boba Fett’s successor from the director of Iron Man? Why the hell not. What If…? WTF.

Granted I’m skewing toward comic geekery here, but how about every Disney film ever? Or Pixar spin-offs? Or how about a decade of quality Simpsons episodes and 20 years of chaff on demand? Or a National Geographic Jeff Goldblum show?

h/t Christine Menchaca

It’s also quite likely it will bundle with other streaming services it controls – Hulu, looking at you.

So that settles it: We’re all getting this, and we won’t grumble when they undoubtedly jack up the price once certain rivals are vanquished or absorbed.

Odds + The End


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