Snap Strikes Back with Major Platform Updates

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Snapchat Strikes Back

After a pretty extended period bereft of major updates, Snap unleashed a barrage of new offerings and features this week at its first-ever Partner Summit.

App Stories. Filed under, “If you can’t beat ‘em, hit harder”, this new offering should help stave off other apps from building Stories features. Snap’s solution is to simply build out these features for the third party. Early adopters include Houseparty and Tinder, which nixed its own Snapchat-esque Moments feature a few years past.

Snap Audience Network. Where App Stories will bring Snap’s core feature to more users, Snap Audience Network will bring them sweet, sweet ad impressions. Details remain pretty hazy at this point, but Snap’s billing itself as a more privacy-conscious alternative to the Facebooks and Googles of the ad world.

Snap Games. Quite possibly setting itself up to square off with Apple’s forthcoming Arcade offering, Snap dropped its first batch of Snap Games. That includes the in-house produced Bitmoji Party, plus five other third-party games. People frickin’ love Bitmoji, so the personalization angle might just have legs – and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Animoji in Arcade. 👀

Lens Studio & Camera Updates. Snapchat released several updates for its camera and lenses. The most horrific of which, Landmarkers, lets you create things like massive puking buildings, (presumably) amongst other things:

Now More Than Ever, We Need This.

Snap’s AR can now work with full body movements, as well as pets. Its new Scan feature will also help find relevant filters for what it sees in your shot automatically.

Previous to the Partner Summit, a new Snap check-in feature – also featuring those rascally Bitmoji – was spotted in the wild.

Though perhaps not the ‘next big thing’ hype ascribed it around a few years ago, updates like these prove Snap still has what it takes to innovate, especially in augmented reality.

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