Where were you during The Great Facebook Outage of 2019?

No influencers were harmed in the making of this newsletter … Do Not Read Until Monday.


Where were you during the Great Facebook Outage of 2019? 👀

While some of us were feverishly working on a massive client strategy deck, apparently things in the Facebook Kingdom went completely off the rails, with massive outages reported around the world Wednesday. And, at a pivotal point where CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s pushing for interconnectedness between apps, the outage affected WhatsApp and Instagram as well.

It’s tempting to think Mark’s finally taking a gathering-his-toys-and-stomping-home approach to negative criticism. This week did see his company come under criminal investigation by the Fed and under heightened scrutiny after banning Elizabeth Warren ads suggesting the company be broken up.

Far less dramatically, it turned out to be “a server configuration change that triggered a cascading series of issues. The outage showed empirical evidence of how dependent society is on the suite of services though.

Particularly on the brand side of things, posting, promoting and, most critically, customer service, became problematic during the outage. Reports emerged of smaller advertisers losing thousands, with The Verge’s coverage delivering the delicious quote “no influencers were harmed in the outage.”

It also resulted in this tweet, which, considering my personal inconvenience, more than made up for the temporary disconnect.

This was apparently a common phenomenon.

One entity that did not lose out from the outage was Telegram, a “heavily encrypted” messaging service that saw 3 million sign ups within 24 hours of the outage.


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