Does Apple Face (an) ID crisis? And the week’s latest in social & digital

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Does Apple Face (an) ID crisis?

While it might be a stretch to say something’s rotten in the Apple orchard (though, wakka wakka wakka, right?), 2019 has revealed somewhat of an identity crisis for the technology, corporate and cultural juggernaut.

This week a number of rumors and announcements showing the company going in different directions. First, Apple may be doubling down on its base (or returning to its roots, depending who you ask) with rumored new hardware additions. Those would include a 31.6” display, its largest since the 30” Cinema Display was discontinued in 2012, and its first display model in 3 years. Also set for reintroduction may be a larger-sized MacBook Pro, approaching the 17” Titanium variety from the late 2000s.

However, it’s also still trying to stay competitive in a few areas its perceived to have fallen behind in. It’s planning to ramp up efforts in making a more useful Siri by – buying the start-up that powered a voice-activated Barbie – and hired a smart home start up executive with a questionable record for an as-yet-undisclosed project. Then, it’s doing … something … with cars.

The company also looks set to launch its long-gestating Netflix competitor, and maybe a gaming service, though analysts do not expect that to move the needle for the company. This gets back to the core cause of the crisis – lowered sales and predictions for its flagship phones. iPhone hasn’t had a blockbuster hit since the 6 and 6 Plus, really, so it needs to shake things up.Injecting itself into health or finance sectors (latest by a rumored credit card) may keep it innovating, but it needs to make a major splash in order to maintain the cultural relevance and market dominance it’s enjoyed since debuting the iPod over a decade ago.


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