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NYC is sweltering in a Heat Wave of Amazon Hot Takes

After a chilly start to the week, temps in New York have risen dramatically, in what I can only assume is a result of hot takes on Amazon cancelling plans for development in Long Island City.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, who had been major players in getting the company to move (part of) its HQ2 operations to New York, split over the blame. Cuomo pointed blame at those with ‘narrow political interests’ in the state legislature. De Blasio, meanwhile, suggested Amazon “threw away” the opportunity.

Rather than mere squabbles over tax breaks, questions of a full-scale remaking of an entire, thriving neighborhood, and, you know, that kind of stuff, it might just come down to the negative press.

Realistically, moving forward with the plans as understood could have dealt a devastating blow to the brand’s integrity with some of its core customers – urban professionals – who probably pump billions into the business through purchases and various other streams.

Pervasive and persistent negative perception would likely influence such purchasing decisions. Previously, many of those lauding the abrupt cancellation might have been inclined to, say, get an Echo Dot, subscribe to Prime or … an Eero wifi router? Now, that tinge of negativity – especially amongst New Yorkers or people in areas that have been negatively affected by tech-spurred gentrification – may result in thinking twice.

So, uh, I guess that’s my hot take. 🔥


Four things about Facebook

It may be getting fined billions by the Federal Trade Commission for its repeated user privacy violations. You’d almost think they’d hire a bunch of goons in Washington to fight against them. Oh wait.

Prominent transparency proponents in Europe have requested Facebook develop an API so more third-party research can be done on political advertising on the platform. Elsewhere in Europe, a Belgian researcher found a function to search for pictures of female friends – but not male.

Despite some successes, many of its Watch creators don’t seem to be making much revenue from their content. That may explain an alleged new program for producing content with publishers and influencers on the platform.

Health experts and politicians this week each separately petitioned Facebook (and, in the latter case, Google too) to combat misinformation around vaccinations on the platform. They also noted that much of this conversation happens in private groups, which could make it difficult for third parties to combat, and makes me believe this actually exists:


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Facebook stated its preferred position would be to demote anti-vax content rather than remove it. In an email to CNet: “Counter-speech in the form of accurate information and alternative viewpoints can help create a safer and more respectful environment.”

OK sure, but does that fit on a onesie?


Odds + The End

We demand answers! I mean, uh, I-I’m sorry, Mr. Cheese. (Please don’t kill me.)


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