Netflix’s Oscar win & The week in goats

Ewe’ve goat to be kidding me: Do Not Read Until Monday.


Netflix gets best picture nom at the Oscars, pretty much killing what they represent

In a sense, it’s the final nail in the coffin for thinking about circa-2010 norms of entertainment: Netflix just might have itself a Best Picture Oscar, something utterly unthinkable even just 5 years ago, when the company had a paltry two (forgiven if you’ve forgotten them) original films. While both of those are documentaries, and the streaming video giant was definitely hitting strides in streaming TV, the best was obviously yet to come.

And, in netting a nom for Roma, not to mention things like the sheer conversation generated by Birdbox, Netflix has pretty much guaranteed the ball is now in the court of streaming services. Additionally, the company has shifted its own position – it also this week joined the MPAA (ok, eyeroll, but still) and earlier this month left a prominent tech company lobbying group. But hey maybe the latter just because lobbying is gross.

Meanwhile, a couple of Netflix’s main streaming rivals have set sights of their own. YouTube TV – the site’s live television service – now reaches about 98 percent of the U.S. Not a bad expansion just ahead of the largest television event of the year, one “BiG gAmE”, if you will. On the other hand, we have Hulu undercutting the league-leader by dropping prices to $6 for basic service.

It’s the second troll on Netflix from Hulu in recent memory, the first being the surprise release of a rival Fyre Festival documentary. Which, these films seem to promote the idea of streaming services being a first stop for shaping cultural commentary – the shock release and quarrelling generated a lot of conversation, yes, but the films are also making us think twice about the power of influencers. Or, at least those of us who haven’t already.


Also, please someone tell me this guy’s real.


This week in goats

Yes goats.

    • Tom Brady, whether you like it or not, is The Goat.
    • Meanwhile, in Lives of the Sociopathic and Potentially Dangerously Unhinged, a story floated that Mark Zuckerberg served Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey some undercooked goat he had killed with a “laser gun” and knifed.
    • It’s a bizarre story, sure, but let’s hear more about this “laser gun”.



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