Dear Twitter: Don’t Pull a Snapchat. Love, DNRUM.

New Year, same ol’ Internet. Find a warm place to hide away this weekend and Do Not Read Until Monday.


Is Twitter on the verge of pulling a Snapchat?

Possibly looking to torpedo its late stage renaissance, Twitter appears to be considering a UX-jarring redesign, or what might otherwise be termed “pulling a Snapchat”. For years, Twitter seems to have had an “if it ain’t broke” mentality to its core experience, but this would introduce a threaded conversation style similar to Facebook or Disqus.

Along with this, the platform would also incorporate “ice breakers” to get people engaging with each other – civilly, it hopes. Facebook had apparently been working on a similar, politics-specific feature, but shelved it due to fears over bias accusations.

Twitter also announced two new data features, specifically focusing on events and featuring real-time information.

Hmmmm… what else…

  • It made an interesting video deal with the NBA. In it, a camera will follow a single player for the second half of games. Why only the second? In the first, users will vote to select who to follow.
  • Fox Sports will partner with the platform to produce a live show for this year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup.
  • The Buzzfeed morning show, AM to DM, has been extended for another year.
  • And, the platform’s users are being increasingly persecuted in China.


Hey let’s try talking about politicians again.

Let’s not make this a habit, but several of the new crop of Congress have been shedding some light into social media practices for the government. New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been probably the most visible and vocal of the politicians who either are or aren’t working (or maybe just not getting paid?) now for the 2019 session.

Being both an out-of-left-field upstart and a *gasp* 20-something-year-old woman, she received intense scrutiny since her election, during which she documented various experiences when joining Congress.

Her detractors evolved from employing the usual pixelated hyuck-hyuck memes to commenting on her appearance, and established trash-mongers such as The Daily Caller sharing purported nude photos and … dancing videos*?

It should be noted that the photo criticizing appearance was unsolicited and creepy, no one bothered to verify the fake photos, and … I still don’t understand the dancing thing. None of these actually touched on her political leanings or revealed any questionable activity, giving each a feel of overt sexism and misogyny.

Rather than be broken, Ocasio-Cortez tends to engage back in equal or greater measure, and continues pushing her agenda – which some say could be signs of a new political reality.

Another major issue brought to light this inauguration cycle – maybe more so than last – are issues surrounding the handling of social media accounts themselves. As Ocasio-Cortez and Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw (and likely others) found out, ethics rules prevent certain activity on personal accounts, requiring the creation of brand new official accounts. And speaking of having to build back followers, some interesting things are happening for the handover of House Committee accounts.

Also this week, we learned of some 2016-style tactics in that 2017 special election in Alabama too. Fun!

All this will be rendered moot of course, should we continue to embrace AI to the point of making it our overlord, which is, statistically speaking, something a boomer would be more prone to share a news article about on social.


*I don’t get it – are we not supposed to dance now?


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