2019: So far, pretty okay! – Do Not Read Until Monday

You did it. You made it through your first (well, partial) week of 2019. So, go ahead, pat yourself on the back, take that weekend like the badass resolver you are and Do Not Read Until Monday!


We can be a bit hard on Facebook at DNRUM (and after the year they had who can blame us amirite?), but Apple just walked into 2019 with a big old ‘hold my beer’

Apple kicked off the year with some news via a letter from CEO Tim Cook telling shareholders he’s anticipating a downturn of $9 billion in revenue in just the first quarter of 2019, primarily due to slowing iPhone sales and, well uh, China. This news heaped onto a brutal close to 2018 has had ripple effects elsewhere, of course, impacting markets near and far and spooking investors.

(But hey, at least they’re not giving your data away or anything!)

We don’t bring this up just to make you sweat your 401k balance, but rather to draw attention to the interesting changes we should increasingly expect to see within consumer marketing and general consumerism more broadly. This has been bubbling up for some time. We know much of our future is pointed at voice operated software, devices and other formats that don’t require us to stare into screens and the use of our opposable thumbs to operate them.

So sure, Apple was asking for a boatload of cash for many of its newest iPhone models, and trade disputes and intellectual property fights are serious factors, but maybe we don’t need all of the newest things each and every year to sit uncomfortably in our pockets or held in hand in order to avoid human interaction. We can just ask for that distraction!

Good thing Apple also makes this and SO. MUCH. CASH. from its services business. Oh wait, Netflix.


In social conversation that simply couldn’t (and shouldn’t) be missed this week…

The opening week of 2019 marked historic progress made in the makeup of our elected representatives in government, seeing a record number of women and women of color taking their seats in congress’ 116th session. This is a momentous change reflected in our elected officials, and WOW was it all the talk on social. Instagram, Twitter and more were abuzz with selfies from the young, diverse, and socially connected group getting sworn in. (Plus, cute kids!!)

Anyhow, there’s an important analog to our industry here . . .

Taking an important lesson and inspiration from the above, the advertising and marketing industries must continue to embrace initiatives that push us into a more equitable state, one that’s more reflective of the real-life people we speak to through our work. Diversity amongst our ranks and our leadership drives diversity of thought and will enable us to continue connecting with real humans in real ways through the brands we represent. This aim is probably best highlighted in our industry by The 3% Movement, in addition to many internal agency initiatives, but it doesn’t work without everyone’s involvement, regardless of color, creed, or gender identity. We do not reach that ideal without everyone’s participation. Just as we’re told voting is how to participate in democracy, we all must actively participate in these industry initiatives if we are to see that progress in ourselves and in our work.


Now back to our regularly scheduled industry newsletter trends: OMG CES IS COMING!!

That’s right, the ad/tech world’s favorite conference is nearly upon us, and this year promises to be . . . well, kind of like all of the other years! Let’s hit the top five:

5G is here! That kind of 5G, not that kind of 5G.

Google has more news about Google Home. In its effort to close the gap with Amazon, Google is tripling its floorspace at CES this year? Let the countdown begin!

And 8K TVs, you guys (says the guy whose TV has zero Ks)!

The health and fitness tech category continues to expand, now trying to tackle the likes of sleep and more.

Actually, that’s it. I can’t get to five. I didn’t read anything else interesting about CES (says the guy that doesn’t have tickets). So there.


Odds + The End


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