Facebook limps to the finish line of a scandal-laden year – Do Not Read Until Monday

You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, but how about … do you still need me to say Do Not Read Until Monday?


At this point, whose New Years Resolutions *won’t* include deleting Facebook?

To say Facebook has had a bad year is such a hilarious understatement. Facebook has experienced the Michael Jordan of bad years. Or played Michael Jordan in bad year basketball. Or something.

It’s so bad you may have not even noticed the first scandal of the week – that it leaked around 6.8 million private photos. That’s probably because it emerged only days later that it offered enhanced access to user data for certain big tech players, and did not disclose these arrangements. Critics particularly noted Netflix and Spotify’s access to private messages.

Netflix posted a typically cheeky denial to Twitter, only to be quickly disputed by the New York Times. (h/t Roze)

Scandals like this make things like reports Facebook gleaned information from Tinder, Grindr, and other dating apps, plus health and religious apps, pass by without much notice.

Even before these scandals, activist groups this week called for CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg to stand down, which Facebook responded to by releasing an audit carried out by longtime activist Laura Murphy.

The company’s also in courtrooms over facial recognition and political ads, and now has been issued its first lawsuit over the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

To cap it all off, it got roasted by The Guardian.


Have you sued Fortnite yet?

I mean, there’s still time left in the year to get the litigation started in 2018. For some reason, people are suing Epic Games, the creator of runaway hit Fortnite. Not for like, breaching privacy and leaking the data of millions of users, but for – dancing.

And, I wish I could work out a Footloose joke here, but I’ve never seen that movie. But, if Alfonso Ribeiro from Fresh Prince is doing the suing, and over the Carlton dance, I think that’s funny enough.

But one person’s certainly not laughing. No, not Carlton. OK, two people. Because “Backpack Kid” is also suing the company for dance-related issues. He being the kid, yes wearing a backpack, who popularized the Floss Dance. Hopefully he sues that Gingerbread Man in those creamer ads too, cause he totally creeps me out.

Previous complainants (though not litigants) of copying dance moves include Donald Faison from Scrubs and Chance the Rapper. 2 Milly also sued the company earlier this month.

I guess if you’re getting sued and getting hacked, you might just have a chance at being the next Facebook.

If you have no idea what Fortnite is, you can follow its meteoric rise here.


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