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Hello to our new, ad-loving Instagram overlords

It’s kind of funny that Facebook has had such a bad year that the departure of Instagram’s co-founders a few months back barely cracks the top ten of its catastrophes.

The platform’s still reeling from those losses, and just this week appointed a new head of product, Vishal Shah. Shah worked on Ads, Shopping and IGTV products, which seems like kind of a mixed bag, but indicates where Instagram may be headed. Probably not coincidence the company’s testing ugly, I mean, prominent CTA buttons on posts… It also may soon provide brands with data around what products have been saved by users, potentially for use in ad targeting.

Meanwhile, the app’s trying to maintain its appeal to power users and influencers by rolling out a “Creator” profile type. The move makes sense given the alternative to acquiring enhanced data and features would currently require a business profile, which influencers don’t necessarily fall into.

As for actual fun stuff on the platform, Instagram did release its Year in Review, where it revealed ASMR, Fortnite and BTS as some of the most popular topics. And while #fortnite may have been the highest-growth hashtag, #metoo, #timesup, and #marchforourlives also accumulated hundreds of thousands of uses.


Oh, and you can send voice messages now for some reason.


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The Year in Year in Reviews Review 2. Also, Porn.


Facebook limps to the finish line of a scandal-laden year – Do Not Read Until Monday