YouTube shifts strategy & Netflix eyes even more remakes – Do Not Read Until Monday

The End is Nigh: Enjoy the Last First Weekend of the Month of 2018 and Do Not Read Until Monday.


Crossing the Streams: YouTube shrinks back from competition, and Netflix gets into weird-hook-up territory

Two streaming video heavies seem to be reorganizing in ways that might, say, accommodate a new big-bad competitor – like if, say, someone like Disney was going to launch a streaming service next year.



While YouTube isn’t in the same class as Netflix, Hulu and the like, it does have original programming and premium, ad-free subscriptions. This is, of course, based on hearsay as I have never encountered nor heard of anyone who pays for this.

And, it can’t be going all that well, as it’s reportedly shrinking back from competing in the original content space, with an alleged reduction starting in 2020. At the same time, this content should come to YouTube’s ad-supported platform, which we all know and love (except those weird kids videos, they still exist and freak me out).

Instead, YouTube looks to be edging more into its ‘social network’ status, further rolling out a ‘Stories’ feature similar to Snapchat and Instagram. The feature – which used to be called ‘Reels’, but c’mon who ya kiddin’ – can now be accessed by accounts with more than 10,000 subscribers. The Stories last a week, and offer creators a place for quick and dirty content – kind of like what all of YouTube used to be.

Also, RIP Annotations.



First they came for Iron Fist, and we did nothing. Because, well, that show kinda sucked. Then, they came for Luke Cage, and hey wait that show was good! Now DAREDEVIL?!

Most outlets are asking, in their reportage, what will happen to Jessica Jones? To Punisher? Well, they will be cancelled too, following their forthcoming seasons, gua-ran-teed. Whether the shows get ported to Disney+ or their Mouse-eared overlords choose to reboot them is the real question.

And, like a lover jilted following an unexpected break-up, Netflix is getting into some questionable hook-up territory. It apparently will be looking to build a ‘cinematic universe’ around Roald Dahl’s classic stories. It’s also – nerd gasp – going to try a live-action version of Cowboy Bebop.

Twitter has an interesting week

Twitter had what must at least have been an entertaining week. At the very least, most of it has been fun to watch from the sidelines.

The best might have come on Thursday, when some alt-right loon handcuffed herself to the door of Twitter’s NYC office. The loon-in-question brandished a megaphone and complained the company violated her right to free speech by deleting her account. There’s certainly a lot to unpack there, but the conclusion is the best, and befitting the individual: No one really cared, the company didn’t press charges, the ‘protestor’ lost the handcuff keys and had to be freed by NYPD, who also seemed unimpressed, but did not jail her.

The company also took action on a false account for Vladimir Putin, deleting it. That would be ho-hum news, but the account had over 1 million followers, had been cited by the BBC, and even the real Putin account followed it.

And, despite only 13 tweets this year, Taylor Swift is its most influential user? Sigh.


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