Disney squares up for a streaming video fight – and more in Do Not Read Until Tuesday

Enjoy a long weekend – now with added night time! – and Do Not Read Until Tuesday!


Putting the D in SVOD

Disney used its quarterly earnings call to drop a bomb on the streaming video market – in particular, some details around its forthcoming bespoke SVOD (yes, I went there) offering, including its name: Disney+. And while that name doesn’t really make much sense, its entry into the field certainly does. The company owns some of pop culture’s most bankable properties and characters (hey, Solo still made sick money).

The Mickey Mouse magnates also made it a point to mention the platform will come ready with some brand-new content from Marvel, as well as a Star Wars spin-off called The Mandalorian. This is in addition to other Marvel shows, plus other Disney properties people apparently still care about, like High School Musical.

The company also revealed it would be increasing production of content for Hulu, which it owns a majority stake in.

These moves, plus the cancellation of properties like Luke Cage (which I’m still having a hard time processing tbh) really square it off with league-leader Netflix. But with a big stake in Hulu, and an almost-assured purchase of Plus from pretty much everyone with a kid under five years old, Disney may already have a bigger chance of upsetting the market than previously thought.

As for Netflix, it’s making moves to move outside its core U.S. market, investing more in content to appeal to Indian audiences. To do so, however, it will have to survive a clash with THE DEVIL HIMSELF*.


*Well, it was actually the Satanic Temple, which appropriates satanic imagery to criticize religion itself but hey c’mon this sounded way cooler.



Election 2018: The Silent Meh-jority has spoken

I guess 2016 will be hard to top for a while, but with Election 2018 come and gone, it seemed somewhat – anticlimactic? Even despite some good memes about the occasion.

One thing’s for certain though: It will likely not end the scrutinization of social media’s role in shaping opinions, and investigations into misinformation and bad actors on various platforms. Just days ahead of the vote, for example, Facebook took down 115 accounts, many with Russian ties. And, despite ongoing efforts such as these, at least one expert says the situation has worsened “exponentially”. This same individual, after conducting a three-month study of the platform, also concluded Facebook looks to be cooking the books in regards to metrics in general.

Twitter saw misinformation spread till the last minute as well, including false claims that ICE would be present at polls, which the immigration agency went on record to deny.


Odds + The End


**this was the only use case I could think of quickly, and legitimately happened to me one time. Boo hoo.


Do Not Vote Until Tuesday


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