Month: October 2018

Silicon Valley’s making money, sure, but couldn’t it be making *MORE* money? – Do Not Read Until Monday

Avoid making your weekend like these earnings calls – a mixed bag – and Do Not Read Until Monday.   Silicon Valley Disappoints Yet Again (but for, like, making money) And this time it’s not for turning us into like-hunting husks of humanity, it’s not even for a massive sexual misconduct cover-up, fostering a ‘demoralizing’ […]

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Google makes things and oh hey Facebook does too – Do Not Read Until Monday

The post-5PM-Friday industry newsletter it’s not only totally fine but encouraged to ignore – Do Not Read Until Monday.   Hey guys Google makes stuff too remember In case you forgot, Google does not just tell you the definitions of words you want to use in a strongly-worded email or feeding your hypochondria (what, just […]

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Week 1 of New Instagram; And Other Fake News – Do Not Read Until Monday

Enjoying your weekend is everyone’s responsibility. Do Not Read Until Monday.   OK, I guess we have to talk about Instagram again OK, so I mayyyy have implied Instagram was doomed last week, but I didn’t think we’d start to see signs within days. With most of the swirling rumors suggesting outgoing leaders resented Facebook’s […]

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