Google’s old AF and Instagram’s (probably) doomed: Do Not Read Until Monday

I already used my Fall pun so I’m kind of at a loss – Do Not Read Until Monday.


Google: Old AF

20 years ago, when we were all searching for things on Altavista like dumb-dumbs in a clunky Netscape Navigator browser at a blazing-fast 14.4kps, some brainiacs devised a whole new search engine that, amongst other things, changed the nomenclature of “search for things on a search engine” to “Google”.

And they’ve done shit-all since.

Ha ha, just kidding, they’ve pretty much taken over the world, and without all that Zuckerberg smugness.

Sure, they’ve had their Waves, Buzzes and Plusses, and I still hold a grudge for them killing Reader, but many of the company’s products have generally had a positive impact on society, and it continues to push forward.

It’s hoping to engineer Maps to help people plan outings. It’s Pixel phone is the nearest thing to an Android analog to the iPhone, and receives similar anticipation.  The core search product received a lot of updates for its birthday, mainly ones exhibiting its desire to predict what a user may want to see and show that information.

But it’s not without its controversy. The week saw CEO Sundar Pichai head to Washington DC, likely to defend the company about biases within its workplace but also in how it provides information. And, while it may not be firmly in the crosshairs of those criticizing how much data tech companies hold on users, it’s not making friends with features like automatic browser login for Chrome.

But hey take your mind off all that with some fun throwback Easter Eggs!


Instagram: Doomed?

Until today’s announcement that 50 million accounts have been impacted by a security issue, the biggest trouble in Facebook-land was the departure of Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
The pair gave some typically vague reasons for departure, as dictated in a statement by Systrom, but some other accounts attribute the bail-out to meddling from Papa Zuck. And I don’t want to jump to conclusions here, but Instagram could be doomed.

Instagram’s the one platform everyone can seem to agree on is pretty cool. We don’t even care it totally ripped off Snapchat and probably nuked that company’s chances of being a major tech player. (And possibly get it acquired by Amazon?) A major news source just last week even pointed out how it’s the platform that can do no wrong, even as its parent does no right.

Well, our collective favorite social network will no longer have My Two Dads around to make sure the platform’s not totally Zucked.

It was fun while it lasted at least.


Odds + The End




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